Agua Castillo Mar - Our machinery

Our machinery

We guarantee our customers the best services quality at very competitive prices:

  • Potable water transport with health inspection and with the possibility of different capacities either to supply hotels or to supply houses.
  • Filling of community or private tanks.
  • Water supply for street cleaning watered in work constructions or of urban gardens, and others.
  • Filling of swimming pools, etc.

Water supply for your business: hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boats, ships, platforms, etc.

To reach such offer we count with a fleet of machinery of different cubic meters capacities: 12m3, 24m3 and 33m3. Furthermore, they are equipped with hydraulic discharge systems that facilitate and reduce the time of work and also we have different long hoses; all of this to make any type of services.

We also offer the possibility to make night works, because we have got the right equipment for it.